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Turning Pew Sitters Into the Ministry A Team

“I’m not interested in being on somebody’s B team,” my friend said. He was talking about churches that distinguish ministry work and responsibility based on whether a person receives a salary from the church. Those on the A team (pastors and ministry staff) call all the shots, closely control all the work of the church, […]

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5 Keys to Share Faith–Without Being a Jerk

The men surrounded Candace after the community meeting. They knew Candace was a Christian. They had some serious questions for her. This scene played out a couple of weeks ago. Actually, I see—and participate in—scenes like this every week. This is the texture of the new evangelism. This is the true heart of being “missional.” […]

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Why They Resist Volunteering

The vast majority of today’s pew sitters resist volunteering at their churches. If your church resembles most, less than 20 percent of your congregation engages in any meaningful or regular volunteer service with the church. This drives church leaders nuts. “What’s wrong with our people?” they ask. “What a bunch of lazy slackers! If only […]

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