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Have We Been Sold a Fake Jesus?

“You should go to church. You should sit and listen. You should love Jesus.” Is a personal relationship with Jesus really more like an obligation? Many seem to think so. But author Rick Lawrence believes this should-based characterization contributes to a faulty view of the real Jesus. “It’s wrong to should people into a love relationship, and […]

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Future Church: Tastes in Worship

The faithful gathered around candle-lit tables in the darkened room. They heard a reading of Psalm 34:8. “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” They then tasted–literally. They selected small cups of various flavors and condiments. Some people discovered a familiar taste and reached for a second helping. Others gasped and chuckled as they felt […]

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Shaming Them into Church

“You should go to church–and like it, whether you like it or not.” Some responders to my articles on the Dones (people who’ve left the organized church) have assigned total blame to the Dones themselves. “They’re backsliders,” they say. “It’s their duty to obey God and get their backsides back to church.” I’ve seen a […]

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