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The Cost of Conscience in the Culture Wars

At the time, Michael Lindsay had no idea he’d just lit a fuse that would threaten to explode his institution. As the president of Gordon College, a Christian school near Boston, Lindsay simply joined other Christian leaders in signing a letter to the White House, concerning a proposed employment rule about hiring homosexuals. The private letter was released to the […]

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10 Ways Through the Same-Sex Tsunami

Some say this is the one issue that will single-handedly destroy the church in America. I don’t buy that. But I do anticipate that some churches will suffer unnecessarily because of their mishandling of the same-sex controversy. Whether they like it or not, churches will increasingly face decisions related to homosexuality. These include: References to […]

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The Church’s 2 Imminent Threats

What does the future hold for the church in North America? What are the church’s major weaknesses and threats going forward? Last week church leaders, reporters and analysts gathered to discuss the church’s prospects at Group’s annual Future of the Church summit. Participants grappled with a wide variety of factors affecting the health of the church. […]

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