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What’s Bigger Than Your Butts in Seats

The only thing that really matters is butts in seats. For the American church, that is the bottom line. So to speak. Large churches keep score by attendance figures. Small and medium churches fret over declining numbers in the pews. Often, when leaders talk about outreach and evangelism, they really mean convincing people to sit […]

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The Most Reachable Unreached in Your Area

They quietly walk into church, say little, look a bit detached, and leave quickly when the service concludes. These church attendees are Present In Body Only (PIBO). They may be counted as members of a church’s flock, but their hearts, minds and souls are not engaged by what’s happening at church. They are among the […]

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A Pew Sitter’s Thankful List

The woman began to weep after we inducted her into Group’s Sunday School Hall of Fame. “I’ve taught for 50 years. This is the first time anyone stopped to thank me.” Then I began to weep. Too often, paid and unpaid ministry leaders and workers serve faithfully with little affirmation or thanks. Well, this is […]

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