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The Antidote to Hypocrisy

After Alan mentioned he was a Christian, everyone around him clammed up and distanced themselves from him. They automatically assumed Alan possessed several unpleasant characteristics. Justified or not, the public today holds a number of negative impressions of Christians. One of the most frequently mentioned complaints: “Christians are hypocrites.” I know, I know. This seems like […]

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12 Good Come-Backs to ‘You Hypocrite!’

It’s the critique that church people hate to hear. The hypocrite thing. It’s everywhere. Research shows that 85 percent of the public views churchgoers as hypocritical. Church people bristle at the accusation. “Of course we’re hypocrites,” one said. “Everybody–not just Christians–is a hypocrite. Eventually we all say one thing and do another.” But that’s not […]

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Got Vision? Or Just Visions of Grandeur?

Last week a friend stopped by and mentioned he left his church. I learned he wasn’t alone. It seems a large chunk of the congregation has fled, along with half the staff. I asked my friend for his take on what’s happening. His story resembles many others I’ve heard over the years. “The pastor is […]

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