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Why Are We Here?

What business are you in? It seems like an obvious question. But many businesses, organizations–and churches–have faltered and failed because their people were not clear about their true mission. This cloudiness of mission contributed to the eventual fall of the Eastman Kodak Company. As digital photography began to rise, Kodak’s leaders started and stopped and […]

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Ministry Newsletters: The Good, Bad and Ugly

What does your newsletter really communicate about your ministry? What impression does it leave? I recently invited churches around the country to send me samples of their newsletters. They responded with an assortment of newsletters–printed, emailed, and web-based–from all kinds of churches. I found some good examples, some bad examples, and some ugly examples. Here’s […]

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Got Vision? Or Just Visions of Grandeur?

Last week a friend stopped by and mentioned he left his church. I learned he wasn’t alone. It seems a large chunk of the congregation has fled, along with half the staff. I asked my friend for his take on what’s happening. His story resembles many others I’ve heard over the years. “The pastor is […]

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